Vote for the Bristol based venture that you want to experience a Good For Nothing Gig

A. Chandos House - A private residential addiction treatment facility for those who've experienced psychological trauma recover from addiction and become positive members of society. Closing in 6 months if they don't get the funding they need. Looking for help with fundraising. 

B. JumpStart - A social enterprise on a mission to energise Bristol's work force and make eating well and moving more accessible to vulnerable communities in Bristol. Run single handedly by Jane and looking to grow bigger to have more impact. Looking for help with strategy and volunteer recruitment.

C. Food Cycle Bristol - Collecting surplus food from retailers around Bristol to provide nutritious home cooked meals for the Barton Hill community. Run by a group of volunteers who are looking for more weekday cyclists for our Connects initiative, passionate event organisers to help us raise our profile,  community engagement officers to get more people to our meals, and hosts to look after our guests. 

*please vote for one venture below and the venture with the most votes will have a three hour Good For Nothing gig in November.

Thanks for your vote!

Join the Bristol crew at goodfornothing.com
and register for the Focus Gig

November 1st, 6:30pm @ Boston Tea Party, Stokes Croft 
Good For Nothing Bristol
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