We very much hope you enjoyed your wild time - but even if you didn't we'd love your feedback. We want to make this platform as perfect for you as possible. It would be brilliant if you can answer these questions on individual activities, but if you're pushed for time your experience as a whole is also helpful. We know your time is tight so please feel free to add as much or as little feedback as you can manage - it all helps.
What activity/s did you do?

Was the activity/s great?

Did the activity/s have a positive impact on students involved?

Did the activity/s have a positive impact on the adults involved?

Do you think the activity enhanced learning ?

Do you think learning in this way positively added to the subject/s?

Would you recommend this site to other people?

Your feedback will help make this site better, is there any more info you'd like to add on the above questions, or anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for your help!
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