Hello! We're trying to build a collective picture on the current state of ocean literacy in the UK (and beyond). Your knowledge would be really helpful in doing that, if you could spare a few minutes to share some of your wisdom that would be most appreciated. We will share the learnings. #OneOcean

Thank you for participating
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Nice easy one to start, what's your first name? *

and your surname {{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}}?

and which sector do you most identify with {{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}} ? *

If you answered "Other" please tell us more?

So {{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}}, 'Ocean Literacy' - what does it mean to you? *

How Ocean Literate are we as a society ? *

Why is that? *

These are the 7 principles of Ocean Literacy. If you had to focus on accelerating the understanding of just four, which four would you choose? *

{{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}} given your knowledge in the {{answer_IWYQacGQqkLF}} sector(s), what do you think is most needed to spread Ocean Literacy? *

{{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}} what’s the best example of a project in your opinion that is raising Ocean Literacy and why is it working?

Do you have any other questions or thoughts {{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}}?

{{answer_RW6hyAhmcghv}}, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts here.
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